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Assessment Data

LAPU is committed to a rigorous learning assessment process that includes both the annual review of two or more program learning outcomes (PLOs) for each academic program, reviewing all the PLOs for each program every three years; and a periodic comprehensive program review of all programs on a six-year cycle.

Annual Learning Reports

Annual Learning Reports are produced for each program once the program has been fully developed and all of the courses have been offered. These reports are produced by faculty and submitted to the Educational Effectiveness Committee (EEC) for review. The action plans identified in the report drive curriculum revisions for the next fiscal year. The following reports have been produced and approved by the EEC over the past several years.

Comprehensive Program Reviews

LAPU commenced operations in 2011 with an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Management degree. The first comprehensive program reviews were conducted in 2017 for these two programs. Comprehensive program reviews are scheduled for all of LAPU’s programs on a six-year cycle. As these are completed, additional executive summary reports will be added below.