Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing (BSDM) degree program prepares business professionals to leverage the latest digital tools and technologies to target consumer audiences and create brand loyalty while promoting products and services to consumers. Students learn to use tools and technologies that will prepare them to solve real-world problems, including harvesting customer data through analytic reports, analyzing the buyer’s journey, understanding and tracking consumer behaviors, and optimizing the marketing investment and the impact on company goals.

Program Highlights

  • Learn the latest tools and technologies in digital marketing
  • Utilize analytic reports and tracking tools of consumer behavior
  • Learn to create digital touchpoints and optimize the buyer’s journey
  • Increase consumer engagement through digital marketing strategies


Required Major Credits


Cost Per Credit


Estimated Major Cost

Potential Careers

Graduates of the program are armed with the knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in a variety of roles in related industries:

Digital Content Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Market Researcher

Marketing Account Executive

Advertising Account Executive

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following degree components at LAPU or via applicable transfer credits.
See the catalog for more details.

General Education
28 Credits

General Education (28): see catalog for more details

28 Credits
Program Requisites
15 Credits

BUSN 250Business Communications

3 Credits

BUSN 270Business Law and Ethics

3 Credits

ECON 203Principles of Microeconomics

3 Credits

ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics

3 Credits

STAT 280Applied Statistics

3 Credits
Major Requirements
45 Credits

BUSN 310Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions

3 Credits

BUSN 340Introduction to Business Analytics

3 Credits

BUSN 350Marketing and E-Commerce

3 Credits

BUSN 395Project Management

3 Credits

BUSN 480Strategic Management and Policy

3 Credits

DMKT 300Social Media Marketing

3 Credits

DMKT 320Digital Analytics

3 Credits

DMKT 340Mobile Marketing

3 Credits

DMKT 360Consumer Messaging

3 Credits

DMKT 380Search Engine Optimization

3 Credits

DMKT 400Consumer Behavior

3 Credits

DMKT 420Customer Relationship Management

3 Credits

DMKT 440Content Creation

3 Credits

DMKT 460Brand and Product Management

3 Credits

DMKT 490Digital Marketing Capstone

3 Credits
32 Credits

Electives (32): choose 100-400 level courses from the catalog

32 Credits
Total Credits
120 Credits
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Recommended Concentrations

A concentration is similar to a minor, but more integrated and with no extra units added to the degree. Each program allows you to choose a concentration to sharpen your skills and specialize in a focused area of study.

Business Intelligence

Theory and application of business intelligence, information security, and data modeling.

The Business Intelligence concentration provides students with basic theories and applications of information technology and electronic evidence as they relate to both business efficiency and security planning. Students are prepared for work in private, public, and nonprofit sectors in enhancing business operations and security.

BUSN 350 – Marketing and E-Commerce (3 Credits)

ISYS 460 – Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (3 Credits)

ISYS 470 – Information Security and Compliance (3 Credits)

ISYS 480 – Advanced Data Management (3 Credits)

ISYS 485 – Data Modeling and Architecture (3 Credit)

Business Psychology

The study of organizational behavior, motivation, and conflict management.

The Business Psychology concentration provides a foundation for motivating and understanding organizational behavior, conflict management, and gender issues. Focus on psychological theory, concepts, and business-related strategies effectively prepare the student for a career in the business arena. This is also a valuable foundation if students plan to get a master’s degree in business.

PSYC 455 – Conflict Management (3 Credits)

PSYC 460 – Motivation (3 Credits)

PSYC 470 – Positive Psychology (3 Credits)

PSYC 480 – Group Processes (3 Credits)

BUSN 485 – Management and Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)


Developing specialized knowledge and skills related to information and system security.

The Cyber Security concentration provides students with specialized knowledge and skills related to information and system security, including best practices related to vulnerability assessment, data protection, compliance, and risk management. Students are prepared for a variety of career opportunities within the information security industry.

ISYS 370 – Principles of Digital Forensics (3 Credits)

ISYS 350 – Ethical Hacking (3 Credits)

ISYS 465 – Business Information Systems and Ethics (3 Credits)

ISYS 470 – Information Security and Compliance (3 Credits)

ISYS 495 – Enterprise Risk Management (3 Credits)

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