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Consumer Information



As required by the Department of Education, we are providing information on federal Consumer Information disclosures including financial aid information, descriptions of Los Angeles Pacific University’s academic programs, procedures, and costs, as well as LAPU’s policies and required reporting.

As a university that participates in Title IV federal financial aid programs, and in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, LAPU is pleased to provide you this list of information about our university.

Below are links to the types of information LAPU is required by law to provide. Should you need more information, please contact the department on whose page the information is listed. You may request a paper copy of this information by contacting those appropriate departments.

*Note on student safety:

The university will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of any crime of violence (as that term is defined in Section 16 of Title 18, United States Code), or a non-forcible sex offense, the report on the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the university against a student who is the alleged perpetrator of such crime or offense with respect to such crime or offense. If the alleged victim of such crime or offense is deceased as a result of such crime or offense, the next of kin of such victim shall be treated as the alleged victim for purposes of this paragraph.