Transferring to LAPU

L.A. Pacific is transfer-friendly and makes transferring credits easy. Consider this:

  • You can transfer in up to 70 credits from a two-year college, or up to 90 credits from a four-year university.
  • LAPU students have transferred credits from 112 of California’s 114 community colleges!
    (plus hundreds of out-of-state colleges)
  • The average LAPU bachelors-level transfer student transfers in 45 credits.
  • LAPU allows for Prior Learning Experience credits for learning that qualifies.

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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

Students transferring from a California Community College who choose the Associate Degree for Transfer path (either Associate of Arts for Transfer or Associate of Science for Transfer) are:

  • Guaranteed admission to L.A. Pacific University.
  • Guaranteed transfer of 60 credits from an ADT program into the corresponding LAPU program, if available.

Contact an Enrollment Counselor for more information.

If you completed an ADT with one of these transfer model curricula, you can transfer a full 60 credits into the following LAPU programs:

Online Transfer Credit Research

Create an account with Transferology to find out which of your prior courses will transfer to LAPU. Simply enter the courses you’ve taken, and the college where you took them, and Transferology will tell you which courses transfer to LAPU.

Partnerships & Articulation Agreements

LAPU has developed partnerships with various institutions and organizations to help students reach their professional and educational goals.

Partnerships with Azusa Pacific University (APU)

  • Fulfill prerequisites for the Entry-level Master’s (ELM) program at APU’s School of Nursing
    LAPU students have the opportunity to fulfill prerequisites for the APU School of Nursing’s Entry-level Master’s program. See the Course Equivalency Guide (PDF) for more information.
  • Coursework articulation agreement
    LAPU offers a number of courses that are transferable to APU. See the Articulation Agreement (PDF) for more information.


LAPU invites military servicemembers, veterans, and spouses of active or reserve military servicemembers to enroll in our academic programs. Learn more about how your military training and experience can be translated into academic credit.

Transfer Credit & Elective FAQs
Why do some of my classes transfer as electives?

This is likely because the classes do not meet General Studies or Major requirements for the program to which you are applying.

I didn’t have to take Spanish in college because I took it in high school—do I have to take it with you?

Yes. However, students may take a CLEP exam to satisfy the foreign language requirement. See the catalog for test information and required scores.

Why are there so few elective credits?

Students must complete a minimum of 60-70 units for A.A./A.S. (depending on program) and 120 units for B.A.

Why was I not given upper-division credit for some lower-division courses?

LAPU does not accept lower-division coursework to meet upper-division requirements (see the catalog for more information).

How many credits can I transfer in for an associate’s degree? For a bachelor’s?

Transfer limits are as follows: LAPU accepts no more than 70 units from a two-year school and no more than 90 units from a four-year school. LAPU caps the number of elective units accepted at 15 units for A.A./A.S. and 30 units for B.A. (see the catalog for more information).

Why haven’t all my credits transferred over?

Requirements for LAPU’s programs may differ from the requirements for other schools and degrees.

Will the LAPU required and Bible classes transfer to non-Christian public universities?

Generally speaking, these LAPU courses will transfer in as electives, but we always encourage students to check with the receiving school in order to guarantee transfer.

Will these classes fulfill University of California and California State University transfer requirements?

Yes, certain LAPU classes will meet certain General Studies requirements, but we always encourage students to check with the receiving school in order to guarantee transfer.

Will my credits transfer to another school or university?

All of LAPU’s courses are highly transferable because they are regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), the same agency that accredits the University of California and California State University institutions. However, it is up to the discretion of the receiving school/university as to what (or how many) credits will transfer in. In particular, if you are looking at specific nursing or health programs, it is imperative that you FIRST confirm with that school and program to determine if they will accept online prerequisite courses (for example, online science courses with hands-on, “wet” labs).

When do I get to start taking my major classes?

Students can take major coursework at any time providing they have met any course prerequisites.

How many credits do I have to have to enroll with LAPU?

There is no maximum/minimum amount of credits required to apply. However, if you have less than 6 transferable college units, you must also submit official high school/GED transcripts. Refer to our catalog for more information.

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