LAPU is committed to providing a learning, working, and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility, and mutual respect in an environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes all forms of sexual misconduct. Sex discrimination violates an individual’s fundamental rights and personal dignity. LAPU considers sex discrimination in all its forms to be a serious offense. This policy refers to all forms of sex discrimination, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence by employees, students, or third parties.

“No person in the United States, shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…” Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX)

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) prohibits discrimination based on gender in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance. Programs and activities that may be included are admissions, recruitment, financial aid, academic programs, athletics, housing, and employment. Title IX also protects men and women students from unlawful sexual harassment in school programs and activities. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment; unwelcomed sexual advances; or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual coercion.

View LAPU’s Title IX Grievance Policy and Procedures:

Reporting Options

Students, faculty, and/or staff who believe they have been subject to sex/gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, harassment, domestic violence, dating or other related inappropriate behavior or violence should freely and without fear of retaliation report such misconduct to the University’s Title IX Coordinator(s):

Title IX Coordinator

Lindsey Gonzales, M.A.
Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Phone: 626-268-0291
Office location: 300 N. Lone Hill Ave., #200, San Dimas, CA 91773

Deputy Coordinators

Annette Pringle
Payroll and Benefits Manager
Phone: 626-268-0269
Office location: 300 N. Lone Hill Ave., #200, San Dimas, CA 91773

Gordon Jorgenson III, M.A.
Assistant Dean
Phone: 626-268-2305
Office location: 300 N. Lone Hill Ave., #200, San Dimas, CA 91773

Megan Jones
Accessible Education Manager
ADA/Section 504 Coordinator

Phone: 626-495-2869
Office location: 300 N. Lone Hill Ave., #200, San Dimas, CA 91773

For anonymous reporting of incidents, go to

Non-discrimination Policy

LAPU, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and university policies, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, medical status, or status as a veteran. The university also prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, the operation of university programs and activities, and employment. This policy is in accordance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; the Americans with Disabilities Act; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The avp of human resources is the compliance officer, and inquiries concerning student issues related to discrimination should be made to the avp of human resources at 626-268-0291.

Complaint Procedures

If you have questions or concerns related to Title IX, please contact LAPU’s Title IX coordinator or a deputy coordinator.

Get Educated

Members of the University are expected to comply with all laws and University policies, conducting themselves in ways that support a positive learning environment.

LAPU has joined with many national institutions in implementing training to address this critical issue. This online training program is a requirement for every faculty and staff member. This training is also available for all students and are highly encouraged to get educated on this important topic.

Click Here for Student Training <link or button>

Your username is your student email address.

Formal Grievance

The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the division of the federal government charged with enforcing compliance with Title IX. Individuals experiencing any kind of harassment or discrimination also have the right to file a formal grievance with OCR:

Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
San Francisco Office
U.S. Department of Education
50 Beale Street, Suite 7200
San Francisco, CA 94105-1813
Telephone: (415) 486-5555
Facsimile: (415) 486-5570

Regardless of the status of the respondent, the complainant should feel free to report violations of Title IX to any of the above individuals for investigation. The University will not tolerate retaliation against any individual who files a complaint under Title IX or who participates in an investigation of a complaint.

Additional Resources

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