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Accessibility starts with Affordability

We are proud to be one of the most affordable Christian universities in the nation. And that’s not by accident. We are deliberate about keeping tuition costs as low as possible. How? With no athletic department, dorms, or buildings to maintain, we’re able to focus our resources where they matter most — providing a high-quality education delivered by experts in their fields.

Committed to Affordability

For over 20 years, increases in university tuition have outpaced the growth in average household incomes in the U.S. We think that’s wrong. Our goal is to make a college education a reality for anyone.

Our Financial Aid staff works with every student’s unique situation to make sure they have access to all sources of aid available that they qualify for. LAPU is currently finalizing its ability to offer Federal Title IV funding for the 2018-2019 academic year. Please check back on these pages for future updates.

Undergraduate programs
Class Cost
100-200 level class (online) $400 per unit*
300-400 level class (online) $450 per unit
100-400 taken on-campus $550 per unit
Graduate programs
500-600 level class (online) Master’s level $600 per unit
Military rates**
100-200 level class (online) $300 per unit
300-400 level class (online) $350 per unit
100-400 taken on-campus $450 per unit
500-600 level class (online) $500 per unit

All stated financial information is subject to change.
*Courses with labs may require additional tuition and fees
**For eligibility and additional details, please see the Military information page

The military tuition discount is available to military service members, and spouses of active or reserve military service members. For the purposes of this tuition discount, military service members are defined as:

  • U.S. Air Force: active duty, reserve
  • U.S. Army: active duty, Army National Guard on active duty, Army Reserve
  • U.S. Navy: active duty, Naval Reserve in active-duty status
  • U.S. Marines: active duty
  • U.S. Coast Guard: active duty, reserve

“Active” is defined as after basic training is complete.