How Hope Relates to Faith, Life, & Learning

The LAPU community’s Commitment to Faith, Life, and Learning is how the university’s Christian Worldview (including its mission, vision, and core values) leads to the realization of hope.

LAPU’s Christian worldview — as expressed in our mission, vision, and core values — permeates the university and guides our:

  • development of programs delivered in the context of faith;
  • selection of faculty who teach and serve from a Christian worldview;
  • establishment of an institutional culture that seeks to honor God in our actions;
  • enrollment of students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews.

The realization of hope includes graduating from a program, personal growth, gainful employment, community engagement, and spiritual growth.


“Learning is an act of hope”

Watch as LAPU instructor, Dr. Brant Himes, shares how learning creates hope for the future and all that God has in store for our lives.


Your personal story

LAPU Enrollment Counselor, Zinat Heredia, shares a devotional about the power of building hope through your personal story.


Leaning on hope

Listen to an interview with LAPU student Christina Ranney who talks about leaning on hope for her goals and future to overcome obstacles.


Read this article as Dr. Robert Carter explains how Faith, Life, and Learning are expressed in the Master of Public Heath program.

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