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We are not a traditional university that also has classes online. We are a mobile university specifically built for busy adults. And yes, that means you can do and submit course work on your smart phone.

LAPU made it possible for me to not only focus on my schooling, but also my life outside of school. The teachers and the success coaches truly want you to learn and succeed. I believe that having a strong support system, determined teachers and God on your side is important while attending school. LAPU has not only helped me to grow in my future career, but as an individual as well.

Traia McPherson, B.A. in Applied Psychology

I wanted to get my master’s degree but I didn’t want to be in debt. I heard about LAPU and how affordable it is. It was important to me because I still need to provide for my family. L.A. Pacific gave me this opportunity. I’m able to not only provide for my family but also pay for school as I go; and I’ll graduate with no debt.

Danny Hernandez, M.A. in Leadership and Organizational Studies

As a returning college student and single mother of three small children, I knew my educational journey would be a challenge, but I have not travelled alone since day one at LAPU. God led me to LAPU and he has not left my side since. I am the first member in my immediate family to obtain a college degree, and my children will follow in my footsteps.

Tiffany Ross, B.A. in Liberal Studies

God made sure that every door opened for me to attend LAPU. I was connected with a fantastic Success Coach, and all of my classes have been great. I believe that God is the key to my success here at LAPU. I often pray over my schooling and that I continue to walk in God's will.

Christina Luis, B.A. in Applied Psychology

Real Support.
Real-world Application.

Every student is assigned a personal success coach so you get the personal attention and guidance you need throughout your entire program.

We also prepare graduates for the real world. That’s why each of our programs is designed and taught by experts in their fields. Learn it today. Put it into action tomorrow.

Why L.A. Pacific?

You want a better future. We exist to get you there. LAPU is the most affordable and convenient online university for people who want real-world skills taught by working professionals, in the context of faith.


of LAPU students are the first in their family to go to college


Most affordable online Christian university in California


of LAPU students bring in transfer credits from other colleges.


of LAPU courses are taught online.

Application Deadline

February 19, 2024

The Spring II Session starts on March 4, 2024.

An Enrollment Counselor will work with you one-on-one to help get you started.


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You probably have questions. We’re here to help. Let’s talk about your specific situation and goals. (855) 527-2768

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When do classes start?

We offer 3 semesters per year, split into two 8-week sessions. You can start classes in ANY of the 6 sessions per year. An Enrollment Counselor can help you determine the best time to start.

Are there set class times?

No. Course work has weekly due dates; but you can do assignments any time that fits your schedule and life. Your professors and coach are available to assist you throughout the week.

What is a Success Coach?

A Success Coach is part academic advisor (which courses to take, when, and in what order, etc.), part tech support rep, and part personal cheerleader! Every student is assigned a personal Success Coach to guide you from day 1 through graduation.

How do you keep tuition so low?

With no athletic department, dorms, or buildings to maintain, we’re able to focus our resources where they matter most — providing a high-quality education delivered by experts in their fields.


Find the info, people, or tools you need when you need them. And you can always contact us with your unique situation.

Better Together.
All Are Welcome.

LAPU is proud to reflect the rich diversity of Southern California and the U.S. as a whole. With regards to admissions, access, and employment, LAPU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, medical status, or veteran status.

LAPU works to makes our website accessible to all, including those with disabilities. If you are having difficulty accessing any portion of this website, please call or email us at 626-495-2869 or so that we can provide you with the services you require through alternative means.

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