When You Need to Talk to Someone

LAPU provides Associates, Bachelor’s, and Master’s students with access to counseling services including 24/7 on-demand counseling, as well as scheduled counseling.

About TimelyCare Counseling Services

TimelyCare is a student-focused telehealth provider offering 24/7 mental health services for students wherever you are located. Services are provided by licensed therapists and behavioral health professionals.

What Services are Available?

LAPU offers both a 24/7 on-demand service called TalkNow, as well as Scheduled Counseling services.

  • TalkNow provides access to immediate on-demand support (usually connected within 5 minutes) for anything from feeling stressed out about an assignment, to processing a distressing life event, to being in a state of crisis.
  • Scheduled Counseling will allow students to schedule up to 12 sessions with a licensed therapist in their state.

Who has access to TimelyCare?

  • Degree-seeking students (those enrolled in associates, bachelor’s, or master’s programs.)
  • Access is granted session by session to students who are actively enrolled in courses.
  • Dependents of LAPU students (children under the age of 18 and spouses) can also be added and will have access to the same services. Students will have to set them up within the app under the “Family” section.

When can I access TimelyCare? And for how long?

  • Access is available for 10 weeks beginning with each session start, and for as long as you are continuously enrolled. (I.e., the length of the session + 2 weeks)

How can I access these services?

  1. Download the TimelyCare app.
  2. Log in with your LAPU login credentials

How to Use TimelyCare

Watch this short demo video showing you how to download the app and access TimelyCare services.

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