Diverse Faith Perspectives

LAPU’s commitment to Faith, Life, and Learning includes helping students learn to engage with diverse faith perspectives within the learning community. The university’s commitment starts with an enrollment policy that welcomes students of all religious backgrounds (or no religious background) with the goal of creating and establishing a culture that demonstrates respect, care, and compassion for all.


Listening and Engaging

Dr. Christine Oh, former associate dean, shares a story of her own diverse family, and what it means to do the hard work of listening and engaging with those who have their own story and background.


A Diversity of Perspectives

Watch Professor Shannon Hunt, Student Success Manager and Professor Tara Lopez, Enrollment Counselor Justin Baker, and eLearning Instructional Designer Alexandria Mills discuss how and why we engage with each other when we have different faith and world view perspectives.


Faith and Diversity

Macy Reyes, LAPU Applied Psychology student, shares her experience with faith and diversity.


  • Dr. John Washatka explores how you can stay committed to your faith yet benefit from an environment of diverse perspectives. Read his essay on Diverse Faith Perspectives.
  • The popular use of the word “tolerance” in our culture today leaves many confused about its true meaning. Read what it means to practice a God-honoring “mindful diversity” in this essay, Practicing Tolerance in Diversity.
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