Applying a Christian Worldview

The goal of LAPU’s promotion of faith, life, and learning is for students to be able to apply a Christian worldview to their life and work. In order to do that, students must be able to describe the basic characteristics of a Christian worldview and understand how it compares and contrasts with their own.


Impact on the Mental Health Field

Shannon Hunt, LAPU senior lecturer, explains the impact of her Christian worldview on her work in the mental health field.


Finding God in Education

Cathy Garcia, LAPU BSOL student, shares how her journey to pursue more of God through education started at LAPU.


Inspired at Work

Kyle Quisenberry, Support Central Specialist at LAPU, explains how his Christian worldview inspires him to be supportive and caring when explaining financial aid to students.


Work – Life Balance

What does it mean to have faith in the workplace? Enrollment manager Mark Quiroz explains how to balance life and work within a Christian worldview.


  • Read this overview of what it means for LAPU students to learn how to apply a Christian worldview.
  • Mark Quiroz provides this devotion to help us reflect on what it means to have faith in the workplace.
  • Go deeper by doing this prayer exercise assembled by Success Coach Carrie Akemann.
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