Program Overview

The Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology (MSIDT) degree program is designed to provide you with the skills and competencies required to become an emerging expert who is work-ready in the field of instructional design. As part of the Ascend pathway at L.A. Pacific, the innovative competency-based education (CBE) curriculum assesses your application of skills and competencies within projects which become part of your portfolio that can be shared with employers. This fully flexible, fully mobile, subscription-based learning model makes the Ascend pathway unique.

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Program Highlights

  • Digital Learning Asset Development: Create digital learning assets using industry standards and technology
  • Learning Evaluation and Analytics: Integrate the use of learning data to inform instructional design and development decisions
  • Creating Learning Experiences: Design inclusive, equitable, student-centered learning experiences from a Christian worldview perspective
  • Managing Learning and Development: Analyze diverse factors affecting the design and delivery of learning and talent development
  • Professional Foundation: Use theoretical frameworks and practical skills for effective design of learning and training


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Credit Equivalencies


Est. Program Cost


Avg. Months to Complete

Potential Careers

Graduates of the program are armed with the knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in a variety of roles in related industries:

Instructional Design



Learning and Development

Human Performance and Technology

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following degree components at LAPU or via applicable transfer credits.
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Technical Foundation
12 Credits

XEDU 510Instructional Design

3 Credits

XEDU 550Instructional Development and Technology

3 Credits

XEDU 540Learning Delivery and Facilitation

3 Credits

XEDU 580Learning Analytics

3 Credits
Professional Scholarship
9 Credits

XEDU 590Methods of Professional Inquiry

3 Credits

XEDU 530Legal, Professional, and Ethical Behaviors for ID professionals

3 Credits

XEDU 570Career and Leadership Development

3 Credits
9 Credits

XEDU 560Knowledge Management

3 Credits

XEDU 520Organizational Development

3 Credits

XEDU 610Capstone Project

3 Credits
Total Credits
30 Credits
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