Outcomes Magazine, the online publication of the Christian Leadership Alliance, recently published another article by L.A. Pacific University president, Dr. John Reynolds. As part of his ongoing series about leadership, Dr. Reynolds reminds readers that growth, both personal and professional, is essential for every leader who desires to lead with excellence in an uncertain world. Here’s an excerpt:

Growing in your faith-journey is a necessary discipline for all Christian leaders. However, it is never easy to prioritize with the intensity, busyness and demand of the leadership role. Spiritual growth occurs through quality time with the Lord, enjoying time with our loved ones, fellowship with colleagues, and seeing God at work through meaningful life experiences. It is at the core of who we are as followers of Christ.

Growing our professional leadership, by contrast, is for many leaders more laissez-faire. After all, who has the time? Developing a personal strategy to integrate spiritual and professional leadership development is not always natural. It requires intentional focus and priority, with accountability.  Growing is essential in developing both who we are, and our ability to care for those whom we lead. The Christian leader’s goal is to be a leader who honors God with excellence in leadership.

Read the full article in Outcomes Magazine and follow Dr. Reynolds on LinkedIn.

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