In the dynamic landscape of education, the paths to becoming a teacher are as diverse as the students we aim to teach. If you’re someone who holds a liberal studies degree or is considering pursuing one, you might be wondering whether this academic journey can lead you to a fulfilling career in education. Let’s explore the possibilities and advantages that a liberal arts degree offers to aspiring educators. 

What is a Liberal Arts Degree? 

A liberal arts degree is a multidisciplinary degree that opens doors to a wide range of academic disciplines. It encompasses subjects such as English, math, arts, social sciences, and natural. This comprehensive approach aims to cultivate a holistic understanding of the world, fostering critical thinking, communication skills, and a well-rounded intellectual foundation. 

Liberal Arts Degree and Its Interdisciplinary Approach 

At its core, a liberal arts degree is built on the foundations of the content areas that teachers are expected to convey to their future students. It embraces an interdisciplinary approach that mirrors the multifaceted nature of education itself. As a prospective teacher, having a background in a variety of subjects equips you to connect a variety of ideas and concepts, enriching your teaching methods and making learning engaging and relatable for your students. 

Can You Be a Teacher with A Liberal Arts Degree? 

Absolutely, a liberal arts degree serves as an exceptional foundation for those who aspire to enter the field of education. Beyond the subject-specific expertise, this degree empowers you with essential soft skills such as adaptability, creativity, and critical analysis. These skills are paramount in a classroom setting, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Liberal Arts and Holistic Education 

Teachers with a liberal arts background approach education with a broad, holistic mindset. They recognize that teaching is not confined to memorization and standardized testing. Instead, they focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals who are adept at critical thinking, effective communication, and collaborative problem-solving. They see education as a means to foster open-mindedness and progressive thinking among students. 

Liberal Arts Degree as a Foundation for Future Educators 

A liberal arts degree lays a strong groundwork for aspiring educators. Its broad scope provides a fulfilling educational journey that also holds practical value in the field of teaching. This interdisciplinary education equips you with the tools needed to inspire young minds, and when combined with a teacher preparation program, it can pave the way for state licensure. 

Partnering a liberal arts degree with a teacher credential program, such as the one offered by Los Angeles Pacific University, ensures that you meet the requirements for becoming a licensed teacher. This program not only hones your teaching skills but also deepens your understanding of educational theories and classroom management strategies, setting you up for success in your teaching career. 

What Major Do You Need to Be a Teacher? 

The major required to become a teacher can vary based on the level and subject you intend to teach. For instance, aspiring elementary school teachers often major in liberal studies, elementary education, or other related fields. On the other hand, high school teachers typically hold degrees in the specific subjects they plan to teach. However, a liberal arts degree can transcend these distinctions by providing a comprehensive education that proves beneficial in various teaching roles. 

Becoming Certified as a Teacher 

Earning a bachelor’s degree is just the beginning of your journey toward becoming a certified teacher. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to complete a teacher preparation program, which offers hands-on experience and pedagogical training. While the specifics of these programs and certification tests may vary by state, they are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in your chosen educational path. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, “yes”. You can embark on a teaching career with a liberal arts degree. This versatile degree, when combined with a teaching credential, can serve as your passport to the world of education. Through its holistic approach, a liberal arts degree nurtures the qualities that educators hold dear: critical thinking, effective communication, and an unyielding commitment to shaping future generations. 


So, if you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to becoming an inspiring educator, explore L.A. Pacific’s comprehensive B.A. in Liberal Studies with Teaching Credential that aligns a liberal arts education with a teaching credential. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future through education. 

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