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The Transition


As you’ve probably heard by now, University College at Azusa Pacific University is undergoing an exciting transition. Download this transition announcement brochure that was sent to current students, or read below to learn more about these developments. As always, contact your Enrollment Counselor or Success Coach with any questions.

Introducing Los Angeles Pacific University

To facilitate the continued growth of University College — and to continue expanding program offerings — Azusa Pacific University senior leadership and University College leadership decided to pursue (and have been granted) independent regional accreditation.  This means that University College and Azusa Pacific University now have the same academic accreditation. To avoid any confusion between the two institutions, we are changing our name from University College to Los Angeles Pacific University. It is a name with over 115 years of rich, shared history with APU. In fact, it was the merger of Los Angeles Pacific College and Azusa College in 1965 that formed Azusa Pacific College.

The Azusa Pacific University System

We are also excited to share that Los Angeles Pacific University will be part of the newly formed Azusa Pacific University System, currently a system of two members: Azusa Pacific University and Los Angeles Pacific University. This one system of two universities will remain strongly affiliated with our Christ-centered, missional identity and a system population of over 11,000 students. One system. Two respected universities. Each serving students with different needs.

As with any change, there may be a number of questions that arise, especially for current and prospective students. See the FAQ’s below for more detail.


Why Create a Separate Institution?

The support and learning needs of adult students are unique. University College was specifically designed and built to serve and support working adults who have a greater need for flexibility, convenience, and support.

Due to the tremendous growth that University College has experienced over the past few years, our ability to continue serving our students at the highest levels, as well as our ability to extend our academic programs, requires that we operate independently from APU with our own academic accreditation as a unique university.

How Will the Relationship with APU Change?

We will continue to be affiliated with Azusa Pacific University. In addition, a new and evolving Azusa Pacific University System is being created. It will be comprised of two member institutions: Azusa Pacific University and Los Angeles Pacific University. So, we will be part of the Azusa Pacific University System and affiliated with Azusa Pacific University. Current and future students will continue to benefit from shared system resources such as the APU library, the Writing Center, and more.

So What’s Changing?

In the coming weeks and months, you will see a gradual transition from University College to the new name, logo, and colors of Los Angeles Pacific University. We expect to complete the naming transition in Summer 2018.

More Importantly, What’s NOT Changing?

It is important for all current students to know that although our name and logo are changing, essentially NOTHING in your experience or your degree program will change.

You will still:

  • Be taught by the same faculty
  • Have access to the APU library and Writing Center
  • Communicate with the same Success Coaches
  • Work with the same Financial Aid counselors
  • Have the ability to earn a diploma from Azusa Pacific University

Remember, we are all part of the same family – the Azusa Pacific University System. Los Angeles Pacific University is simply the newest chapter in a 119-year legacy.

Which Institution Will Grant My Diploma?

The diploma a student is awarded is based on the academic catalog that was in effect when that student began their studies. All students who meet the following criteria will have the choice of receiving a diploma from Azusa Pacific University OR Los Angeles Pacific University:

  • Have taken classes between September 2017 and July 2018; or
  • Have started or will start classes in or before July 2018; AND
  • Finish their degree within 8 years of when they started without stopping for more than 5 consecutive sessions

Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, the following students will receive a diploma from Los Angeles Pacific University:

  • All new students  (includes: new applicants, dismissed and re-admit students who must re-apply, students inactive for over a year, and students pursuing a new degree or degree level)
  • Students who change from a major in a UC catalog to a major in a LAPU catalog (Exceptions may be possible by petition. Talk to your Success Coach if you have questions.)

If you are not sure of your current status, please contact your Enrollment Counselor or Success Coach. We’ll be happy to clarify.

When Will the Transition Take Place?

The transition began in April 2018 with this announcement and the launch of the website. The transition will be complete by September 2018 when the 2018-2019 academic year begins. The dates below highlight a few of the important milestones:

April 2018Launch of
LAPU new student application period for Fall 2018 begins
May 2018Summer session 1 begins as University College at Azusa Pacific University
July 2018Summer session 2 begins — Last session offered as University College at Azusa Pacific University
Sept 2018Fall session 1 is the first session operating as Los Angeles Pacific University under a Los Angeles Pacific catalog