Student Stories

Denise Rivas

B.S., Criminal Justice

At 56, with a full-time job, returning to school was not an easy task, but I have found a way to juggle family, work and home. I have been able to show my children that anything is possible when you put your trust in God. I am very proud of my accomplishments and especially God’s grace. My Success Coach was such a blessing in my path towards achieving my goals.

Student Stories

Tiffany Ross

As a returning college student and single mother of three small children, I knew my educational journey would be a challenge, but I have not travelled alone since day one at LAPU. God led me to LAPU and he has not left my side since. I am the first member in my immediate family to obtain a college degree, and my children will follow in my footsteps.

Student Stories

Traia McPherson

LAPU made it possible for me to not only focus on my schooling, but also my life outside of school. The teachers and the success coaches truly want you to learn and succeed. I believe that having a strong support system, determined teachers and God on your side is important while attending school. LAPU has not only helped me to grow in my future career, but as an individual as well.

Student Stories

Juan Lopez

B.S., Organizational Leadership

In 2018 my wife and I decided to start the foster-to-adopt program and in 2019 we brought home a beautiful baby girl. During this entire process I was taking two classes every eight weeks, doing homework, reading, and writing papers. Trying to stay on top of school work and having to feed a newborn every two hours was arduous. My wife and I had many sleepless nights, yet God continued to give us strength. With the tremendous help from my professors, school staff, my wife, and God, I completed my bachelor’s degree.

Student Stories

Danny Hernandez

I wanted to get my master’s degree but I didn’t want to be in debt. I heard about LAPU and how affordable it is. It was important to me because I still need to provide for my family. L.A. Pacific gave me this opportunity. I’m able to not only provide for my family but also pay for school as I go; and I’ll graduate with no debt.

Student Stories

Christina Luis

God made sure that every door opened for me to attend LAPU. I was connected with a fantastic Success Coach, and all of my classes have been great. I believe that God is the key to my success here at LAPU. I often pray over my schooling and that I continue to walk in God’s will.

Student Stories

Noel Main

B.S., Health Sciences

The thought of going back to college later in life was frightening because I still needed to be there for my children. I did some research on online programs and found LAPU. The journey has not always been easy, but anything worth having takes work. Even through the challenges, I have never felt alone!

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