Among the many discussions about diversity and inclusion taking place in political, social, and corporate settings; Christian organizations like Los Angeles Pacific University are taking a deeper look at what diversity and inclusion mean from a biblical perspective.

An article in Outcomes magazine, submitted by L.A. Pacific and published by the Christian Leadership Alliance, expresses the heart behind the university’s Imago DEI (“Image of God”) initiative for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The piece by Blason Taon, Ed.D. and Megan Burns, M.A. highlights the need to shift the paradigm of the discussion to focusing on God’s version of inclusivity and His love for all people.

Here’s an excerpt:
“To lead a diverse and inclusive organization, try shifting the paradigm. Instead of working toward defining who your neighbors are, simply be a good neighbor. This requires the adoption of embrace as the overriding theme of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Self-reconciliation and accountability to your own biases are crucial.”

Read the full article HERE in the digital version of Outcomes magazine.


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