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Faith, Life, and Learning



At LAPU, we believe faith, life, and learning are interrelated in a holistic way. Our hope is that, as you study at LAPU, you will increasingly recognize how God’s story in the Bible relates to your own life story in the day-to-day experiences of life in your work, home, and learning communities. The resources provided on the Faith, Life, and Learning pages below are designed to help make this hope reality for you.

Exploring Faith, Life, and Learning

Faith, Life, and Learning Statement

Los Angeles Pacific University (LAPU) teaches and serves from a Christian worldview through a holistic understanding and practice of promoting faith, life, and learning. We believe the entire LAPU community is called to contribute to cultivating hope through learning and we accomplish this through our core values of being Exemplary, Caring, and focused on Learning. We are committed to preparing individuals not only with the skills and attitudes to thrive in their community and workplace, but also to point the way to something bigger — to the ultimate hope that is in Jesus Christ.

As it relates to students, LAPU conceives the promotion of faith, life, and learning as engaging students in learning (through curriculum design, instruction, and student support) that reflects the Christian worldview of LAPU and culminates in the realization of hope in our students. As a result of this process, through their interactions and study at LAPU, our students will be able to:

  1. apply a Christian worldview to their life and work in the world;
  2. articulate how and in what ways their life journeys connect to God’s story;
  3. engage with diverse faith perspectives within the learning community at LAPU; and,
  4. recognize God’s work in the world through all academic disciplines.

Additional Resources

For more resources to help you on your personal journey, visit the Spiritual Resources page.