Program Overview

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) is a flexible, interdisciplinary program designed for students who want a degree tailored to their career goals. Working with an academic advisor, you can select specific courses from emphases and general electives that help you develop knowledge and skills to prepare for your chosen career. A final capstone project integrates your individual courses around a common theme, allowing you to synthesize knowledge across your areas of study. The BIS degree program also provides a foundation for those who desire to pursue graduate studies in a program that does not require a discipline-specific undergraduate degree.

Program Highlights

  • Create your degree by tailoring coursework around personal career goals using emphases and electives
  • Integrate professional competencies in two concentrations
  • Connect biblical principles and Christian ethics to topics and domains within your career field
  • Analyze relevant issues, practices, and trends using appropriate research concepts and processes


Required Major Credits


Cost Per Credit


Estimated Major Cost

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following degree components at LAPU or via applicable transfer credits.
See the catalog for more details.

General Education Requirements
34 Credits

General Education (34): see catalog for more details

34 Credits
Two Concentrations
30 Credits

Choose two 15-unit concentrations from the catalog

30 Credits
Capstone Courses
6 Credits

ISTU 490Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone I

3 Credits

ISTU 495Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone II

3 Credits
50 Credits

Electives (50): choose from 100-400 level courses in the catalog

50 Credits
Total Credits
120 Credits
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