Faith, Life, and Learning Online is an invitation for faith-based institutions to take bold steps toward integrating a holistic mission of spiritual formation into the online learning environment. For Christian higher education, faith integration is a matter of mission, not modality. Regardless of whether learning happens in the traditional classroom, through hybrid models, or exclusively online, Christian universities have a missional mandate to continue their long legacy of forming students of competence and character. While traditional campuses continue to provide unique and meaningful opportunities for students to grow in their faith, online learning has opened new avenues for engagement and development of spiritual formation. As such, all Christian higher education institutions are now called to take advantage of this unique technological moment to continue to offer transformative opportunities for the holistic integration of faith, life, and learning in the online environment.

The book by Drs. Brant Himes and John Washatka, released April 2022 by Wipf and Stock Publishers, is available on Amazon and through the publisher’s website. Early reviews are already praising the work.

“In light of the changing landscape of online Christian higher education and the need to ensure that Christian formation is taking place, the authors provide a holistic approach that encompasses the broader ecosystem of vocation and calling. The authors provide students with a pathway for Christian formation and engagement in the world, while welcoming diverse religious students to engage in faith seeking understanding.”
—Mark A. Maddix, School of Theology & Christian Ministry, Point Loma Nazarene University

Faith, Life, and Learning Online does a remarkable job bringing intentionality to the discussion of integrating formative principles with life experiences. . . . This book could help educators, administrators, and students alike reexamine commonly held notions about formation across educational landscapes. It articulates the capacity to use online education to launch students into the world as change agents informed by faith and spiritual depth.”
—Mary Lowe, Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University


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