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Business Psychology

Concentration Overview

The Business Psychology concentration provides a foundation for motivating and understanding organizational behavior, conflict management, and gender issues. Focus on psychological theory, concepts, and business-related strategies effectively prepare the student for a career in the business arena. This is also a valuable foundation if students plan to get a master’s degree in business.

Business Psychology

This 15-unit concentration requires the following coursework:


15 Units



Conflict Management

3 Units

Examines the diagnosis, analysis, and conflict resolution between individuals and in organizations. Discusses the application of different types of negotiation strategies based on rational and emotional elements in approaching negotiation, cultural contexts, and individual differences.




3 Units

Explores research and perspectives on experimental and applied analyses of behavior that impact motivation. Addresses the application of methods for effective motivation in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: APSY 105 Introduction to Psychology



Positive Psychology

3 Units

Investigates methods, research, and assessment in Positive Psychology. Incorporates applications and techniques to this strength-based approach both didactically and experientially. Prerequisite: APSY 105 Introduction to Psychology



Group Processes

3 Units

Study of research and perspectives regarding human interaction in groups. Examines the impact of various individual, social, and cultural dynamics and how to successfully influence and interact in group settings. Prerequisite: APSY 105 Introduction to Psychology



Management and Organizational Behavior

3 Units

This course introduces the managerial skills of planning, organizing, leading, and control. It gives particular emphasis to organizing and actuating responsibility and authority, delegation, decentralization, the role of staff, line-staff relationship committees, boards of directors, organization charting, formal and informal organization, communication in multicultural settings, and reaction to change. Students develop a personal philosophy of management to guide their careers as business professionals.

Total Units

15 Units

This information is current for this academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information.

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Potential Careers

Jobs in human resources, employee support and training, and positions where customer relations are needed such as with insurance, benefits, sales, and customer service.

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